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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Introduction to the Blog

I'm a creationist. I've been talking to many people at many different sites about creation and evolution, and decided to start this blog to review some of my more general thoughts and comment on the conversations I'm having.

Having said that, I do want to say that I am open to the possibility of evolution. Although I find it at odds with many of the facts, and some versions of it inconsistent with Christianity, I am not a priori opposed to any account of evolution. The truth is obviously somewhere, as we are dealing with history, not strictly philosophy. Unfortunately, the historical record is not as clear as anyone wants it to be.

I've had some comments on this, and I just wanted to clear up my meaning. Basically, when someone says "evolution" they can be meaning a whole lot of different things. I'm not opposed to something simply because it is called evolution. Small changes, big changes, informational increase, informational decrease, etc. The Biblical parameters for creation are fairly lax, with it being primarily the timescale that is specified, and not the parameters of the created kinds (for instance, God does not say if he created goats and cows separately, or if they diverged from a common ancestor -- but he does say that they were created on day 6).

The only major created kind specified is human, but again, the amount of divergence from what Adam looked like until the present day is not specified.

Sometimes we get our individual ideas of what Creation would look like confused with the parameters set by the Bible. I am simply saying that we should remember which parameters are _biblical_ and which parameters are our own ideas, lest we fall into the same trap as the others.
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