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Sunday, June 01, 2008

This blog has been officially superceded

I just finished transitioning all of my blogs onto my new website. Here is the superceded version of this blog. Also see all of my other blogs.

Data being enough exists in order to state that the anatomy of human body underwent sudden (not evolutionary) changes over the centuries.
In the olden time these theological people who quartered themselves upon the honest and industrious, were called soothsayers, seers, charmers, prophets, enchanters, sorcerers, wizards, astrologers, and impostors, but now, they are known as clergymen.

It is not easy to account for an infinite God making people so low in the scale of intellect as to require a revelation. Neither is it easy to perceive why, if a revelation was necessary for all, it was made only to a few.
The real oppressor, enslaver and corrupter of the people is the Bible. That book is the chain that binds, the dungeon that holds the clergy. That book spreads the pall of superstition over the colleges and schools. That book puts out the eyes of science, and makes honest investigation a crime. That book unmans the politician and degrades the people. That book fills the world with bigotry, hypocrisy and fear.
Remember your bible?

The Sun and the Moon are the same size, the Moon gives light at night (no Sun required) and the stars are just luminous objects put by God on the night sky for his chosen Israelites to enjoy. And "lord God" sits above the circle of the earth". Yes, they are talking about a flat earth and obviously did not have a clue about the physics of the universe.Why are you still following these people and worshiping the object of their primitive imagination? It is Non-sense.
Where does Scripture discuss the Earth spinning on an axis or the revolutions around the sun? In fact, the books of Job and Samuel the divine Word of God says he created a Flat Earth that is fixed on pillars and covered by a Dome. The awful shame is that you must believe that stone age twaddle. Scientific reasoning, not religion, discovered the truth. Religion is not only useless in explaining our existence, it is an obstruction!

I'm sorry but dying happens, and there is nothing you can do about it. Maybe if religion had embraced science instead of holding it back, we could have solved that problem by now. The bloody irony!!! of that.

When jesus comesback I'am going to judge HIM my self for making me wait 2000 yrs... who in the hell goes on a suicide mission to meet his father at age 32 in heaven.... poor bastard I just wonder what jesus told him...and yet leaves a legacy of ignorant masses that have the right to brain wash people who cant think for themselves and make them think that every natural disaster has gods name written all over it for the punishment of mankind for not beleving...what a crock of crap
All of the falsification of the old testament has in fact been at the hands of Israeli archaeologists, who, one needn't really point out, had every reason in this world (and the next, presumably), to find otherwise. They tried their best but now, to their credit, admit Moses never even existed. Israeli archaeology has conclusively shown that the books of Moses are false propaganda. No Moses= no god.

The church's "values" teach you to hate and be suspicious of your own natural body. They teach you that you're a mud-soaked "sinner" simply because you're human. The church's values are self-loathing and fear. I know, I lived it.

The only monagamous couple (until they both had sex with their own children) in the Bible was Adam and Eve, and they weren't even married!
Secular humanism most certainly can cope with natural impulses better. We don't teach children to hate their sexuality or that they're born guilty. We strive for knowledge and critical thinking, not listening to stone age ghosts and their medieval morality.

In terms of Creationism vs Darwinism, I don't see that there is a great deal to debate. The former would go to this 'debate' with no evidence, facile arguments and an unwillingness to concede to superior reasoning. In fact, the most remarkable aspect of all this is that there is a perceived need for debate in 2010. Evolution explains our universe and religion does not.
Yes it is a sick death cult, not just Christianity almost every other religion is obsessed with the death of some sick or fictional character.
There is no god and prayer doesn't do anything except make the person praying feel good about themselves.It's mental masturbation.

The very definition of belief and faith is that you subscribe to ideas without evidence. In fact, the more evidence, the less belief there is. Claiming that a belief leads to something being self-evident is therefor utterly illogical nonsense
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